I pulled the withered, dusty book from the shelf and placed it on the table. Carefully, I ¬†opened the cover to reveal all the loose pages, notes, and scrap papers that had been forgotten over the years. The papers inside are as faded, torn and frail as the book itself. It’s time these family recipes were preserved before they were completely forgotten.

This is the story of The Tasty Palete.


We are 2 twin sisters who cannot cook! When we try, 90% of the time tastebuds are harmed and smoke detectors are blaring loudly during the process. Luckily, our husbands are amazing cooks who put up with our attempts at cultivating something edible to the human race.

But that moment we finally succeed at not making our children, friends and neighbors run for the hills, something magical happens… the food disappears! And as we look around, our family is smiling at us!

Those smiles are enough to make us keep failing (and letting our husbands cook) so that we can keep growing! I believe it was Michael Jordan who said that he failed over and over again, and that is why he succeeds. Well Michael, I guess we can say… “Nailed it!”

Dawn and Angela