A Blank Page…

Today I was sitting in a meeting where a piece of paper was placed upside down in front of us. The instructions we were given was when the doctor said go, we were to flip over the paper and follow the instructions, but we HAVE TO start where it says beginning. He then added that we only have 7 seconds to follow the instructions… GO!
     I flip over my paper and smile when I see that it’s a maze, while simultaneously my brain is saying, “Oh Crap! I always start mazes from the end, and the instructions are upside down!” So I spin my paper around and begin the maze, from the starting point, when TIME was called. I only made it half way through the maze.
     The doctor then yells out, “Flip your papers over,” and then walks by each of us placing a second piece of paper upside down in front us. We all look around smiling saying, ok, now what? He then says, “You have 7 seconds to follow the instructions, starting NOW!”
     I flip over my paper and the instructions say to start from the finish! Yes! I can do this! Before the time runs out, 2 of us yell out, “I finished!” Dr. Gunnerson then tells us to flip over the first paper to see how close we were. The same 2 who finished are also the same 2 who started the first maze on the same path as the maze we completed on the 2nd maze. I have to admit, it felt pretty cool to be one of the 2 people!
     Dr. Gunnerson then walks back in front of all of us and tells us that mazes are designed with multiple roadblocks in the beginning, and as you get closer to the finish line, the roadblocks go away until there is only a single path. He then asked us to think about what our roadblocks are while he handed us each a blank piece of paper.
     “Now I want each of you to write down exactly where you will be, what you will be doing, what you will look like, everything! Be as detailed as possible because this is your life.” So we spent the next 10 minutes doing exactly that. There were a lot of giggles and even some tears. (With the exception of the doctor, the rest of us were all women, so when one of the girls realized her dogs would be dead, it started a dominos effect!)
     10 minutes later he told us all that this is our own personal maze. If we know exactly what we want and are intentional on reaching those 5 year goals, we will be working our own maze backwards. There won’t be as many roadblocks as there would be if we had no plan and we were starting from the beginning.
     For most of the girls, this was a new concept. For those of us who are older and understand that concept, it gave us a chance to refocus, measure and adjust. For me, I realized that I had lost focus on some of it. It was a great reminder of how I got where I am today. To see the progress and refocus my sails.
     So I’m now challenging you! Where do you see yourself 5 years from today, in every aspect of your life? Take the time to write it out. Then keep it where you can read it often, if not daily. And remember to celebrate progress!

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